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Reprinted from "The Portrait Edition" CD Box Set Enclosure (A3K 57836 Sony Music Distribution

Johnny Mathis: "I was thirteen years old when my father introduced her music to me. I came to realize that this was one of the great classic singers of popular music. I listen to her because she reminds me of my hero, Nat King Cole. She sings right in the middle of the tone. To this day, she is one of my favorite singers. I've gotten to know and Paul over the years, and it's really a blessing. She is a great artist, and a joy to listen to."

Judy Collins: "Jo Stafford is one of the greatest singers of all time. Her recording of "Barbara Allen" changed my views from Mozart to 'Both Sides Now'"

Patty Page: "Jo Stafford was the greatest lead singer I’d ever heard - a very unique singer: I'm happy that through the years I got to appreciate her voice."

Kitty Kallen: "One of the greatest vocals in the world is 'Little Man with the Candy Cigar.' It changed my whole approach to singing pop music - I think every singer should listen to that song. Jo Stafford is one of my greatest friends - I adore her."

Joe Williams (who always addressed Jo as 'Pipes'): "She's all right if you like people who sing in tune.

Mel Torme: "Jo Stafford is utterly incapable of singing out of tune. In the huge panoply of singers past and present, Miss Stafford stands out as one of the truly great singers of the 20th century."

Rosemary Clooney: "The voice says it all: beautiful - pure - straightforward - no artifice -matchless intonation -instantly recognizable. Those things describe the woman, too. You think you really know her, then she becomes Darlene Edwards."

Johnny Mandel: "The first time I heard Jo Stafford, I was nine years old. It was a record that had come out that day. 'Sugar Foot Stomp' with the original Pied Pipers. She had a solo in the middle of it, and I said 'Who is THAT?' I found out, soon enough, because very quickly after that, she turned up with Tommy Dorsey, and I got hold of almost everything she did. I just never heard anybody sing that way before."

Jo Stafford: "I never thought about 'Who is Jo Stafford?' She just is. Jo Stafford is a lot of different people. She was a singer. Now, she's a dedicated grandmother: Cheapest Babysitter in Southern California."