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Jo's Label History

Presented with a big "Thanks" to Lucas T.

1939-1942 R.C.A. Victor The Pied Pipers, The Pied Pipers with Jo Stafford; solo as Jo Stafford
1943-1950 Capitol (1st period)
1950-1960 Columbia (C.B.S.)  
1961-1964 Capitol (2nd period)
1961 R.C.A. Victor As Darlene Edwards
1962 Colpix  
1963 Reprise  
1965-1967 Dot  
1967-1970 Reader's Digest  
1970 (?) Tribute  
Since 1961 Corinthian Jo Stafford solo, duet with Amy Weston, as Darlene Edwards


Since retirement: Due to a royalty dispute with CBS, Jo became the owner of all her Columbia masters of both Jo Stafford and Darlene Edwards. Her recordings for the label in duet with other singers remain in the vaults of CBS. Her husband, Paul Weston, began to re-release her Columbia recordings, first by liscensing them to Decca/Vocalion and later on their own founded label Corinthian. Jo also actually recorded a small handful of recordings especially for Corinthian. Corinthian had been founded in the early sixties, but had been a "sleeping" label until the early seventies when the masters acquired from Columbia were re-released on this label. Other recordings from Capitol and Reprise have also been re-released on the Corinthian label, under lease from those companies by Ms. Stafford. Occasionally the Columbia material appears on other US and Foreign title releases, under a "one-time" contract arrangement.

Of Special Note: During Jo's years with Columbia, two sides were licensed out to the companies of "Snowy Bleach" and "Glass Wax." These titles were released on the strangest format single ever, namely on 7" vinyl in 78RPM speed. This single is on Gold Seal RR22270/RR22271. What makes this release worth special mention is the compilation of "St Louis Blues" b/w "I Only Have Eyes for You", the latter never having been released anywhere, anytime.